EZ Wheelz Tapered Washers
EZ Wheelz Tapered Washers
EZ Wheelz Tapered Washers
EZ Wheelz Tapered Washers

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EZ Wheelz Tapered Washers

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With some of the newer skis with a deep keel these washers can give you that little extra lift you are looking for. These aluminum machined washers make up for the draft taper that is in your ski and help tilt the EZ Wheelz downward and give you about 1/8"- 1/4" more lift when installed behind your nut.

Install with the thick side up, dot at the 12 o'clock position  

(Note: adding a small amount of super glue to back of washer will help prevent turning.)



Taking 3 simple measurements is all you need to do. Take the time to watch this video explaining how to measure for the right fit. 95% of all trail sleds 2012 and newer with stock skis will take the 8" with the 1" offset

Fitment Video

In most cases your stock bolt will work perfect. If the ski bolt has ever been changed with something different than stock you will likely need to measure it and order a bolt kit.

On the newer Ski-Doo sleds you're going to want to replace the washer behind the nut with the supplied fender washer included in each set. This gives the EZ WheelZ axle a better metal surface to butt up against.

Most all 2012 and newer models won't need any modifications.

Yes, you can, but most likely you will have to turn your ski bolt around and mount them to the outside of your ski. See this video for an example.

Older Sled Video


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